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Are you living or existing?

Updated: May 2, 2021

Most of us were raised with the mindset of opportunity meets expectation. As children, we are being taught that marriage, degrees and careers will basically define our worth. So we strive for these things. We obtain them, and then AH Hah! Just like that, we notice that we still are not happy. There's no fulfillment in living a life that's only pleasing to others. The key to real success is making sure that you are happy and fulfilled!

Some key words to focus on are:

Fulfillment- the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted

Purpose- the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Desire- a strong feeling of wanting for something to happen

You must figure out what drives you. Take the necessary steps to strive towards it. It's okay to build the courage to get there. It's okay to change your mind on what you envisioned for your life. I actually set annual goals for myself on a vision board. Of course life can happen, and throw you off. The key to success is staying focused on what you want. Center yourself when you feel distracted or off balance. Life has a way of informing us when we are off track. As long as you understand these things, you are destined for the life you want!

Be well, affirm yourself daily and meditate.

Until Next time,


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Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson
Jul 26, 2020

Very well said! Hearing another person say "it's ok" can go a LONG way. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me ✨ I will ALWAYS support u! 💕


Thank you, I love this!


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