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Self Care

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Self Care is often overlooked, underbooked & placed on the back burner. We (I) tend to focus more on the day to day grind and focus less on me. As women, mothers, bosses, wives etc... we usually put everything and everyone before ourselves. This is what makes us so special. The issue is, the burnout. Burnouts hit you like a bomb. You rarely see it coming and when it hits you, it can be dramatic. Often, it'll affect your response and your inability to tolerate what you normally have become numb to. Others will take it as you're being moody or mean not realizing that you're actually just drained. Always remember that your tank works the same as a car. If you never add gas to it, you're eventually going to run out and your car will stop! Simple reminder to take some time for yourself. Pause! Relax, & Release. You can't be superwoman if you're only operating on E my love. -Klassy

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