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Does having children affect your ability to stay fit?

Having children is a joyous occasion. From the time you find out that you're carrying that little one in your tummy, the first flutter you feel and when you finally get to meet that special someone. No one explains to you that this joyous event will be followed by sleepless nights, body changes (inside and out), low sex drive & more. All of these things can affect that way you take care of yourself. Your wants turn into your baby's wants and needs. You put yourself 2nd. This often leads to you neglecting your mental & physical health. Breastfeeding, balancing baby and husband (if he exists) working, and trying to stay healthy can be a huge task/struggle. Personally, when I had my youngest, it was a major deal for me. Having a baby in your 30s is already considered a semi high risk pregnancy. By this time in your life, you're really in tune with yourself. It's not like your "bad decision making" 20s. Your 30's are the beginning of your real self. "The real you". The deal is, no one prepares you for the body changes. Everything isn't so perky or tight anymore. Not to mention, if you already had previous children. I don't care how young you were when you had your first. Being pregnant period has its own toll on your body. Unfortunately, something you cannot prevent. Say hello to possible stretch marks, loose skin, low libido, hot flashes, push up bras and undergarments that are made to lift!!!! Most women are faced with the two most common options. Workout or get surgery.

Let's weigh the two options. One includes time, consistency, effort, & down right dedication. Being a mom already obligates your time substantialy, making it even harder to commit. Working out is a mental & physical task and unless you plan to make it a lifestyle, it won't benefit your appearance that much. Hence why most women prefer to take the other route which is to go under the knife. This typically has a 2 week to 1 month recovery time. Yes, you run the risk of being botched or dying, but at least there's for most, their lifestyle isn't impacted.. I personally believe that your body is your body and it's your prerogative to do what makes you the happiest. I've seen women eat balanced diets, starve themselves, and religiously workout only to still not achieve the look they want. I've also seen women with surgery from head to toe ending up having the same inevitable outcome years later. Bottom line, do your research and weigh all of your options. Even BBLS require a gym membership! (Gravity is gravity.) My advice is to eat a balanced diet, engage in some from a physical activity, take your vitamins and love you. Focus on your inner health and the rest will follow!

You only get one body so treat her right!


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